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From:  Paul C. Johnson <>
To: Marta Salonia Bordas <>
Date:  1/6/97 10:27am
Subject:  Moose Reeves


     I have taken advantage of your holiday message to Moose and the  attached "copies" list to relate some very bad news to those who might have  known Moose Reeves.  Moose died December 12, 1996, following a second bout  with cancer.  He had officially retired on October 1, but remained active  until the last week.  In fact he was in to work on Wednesday, December 4.
     As a friend and colleague,  I know that Moose will be missed.


Paul C. Johnson      "Be sure you're right,
Natural Resources Department     then look again."
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH  03824     John Henry Comstock
Phone: (603) 862-1717

CC: acarologos <>

From:  "Tony Hunt (604) 363-0622" <THUNT@A2.PFC.Forestry.CA>
Date:  1/8/97 8:07am
Subject:  Inoculations with eriophyoid mites

I am a graduate student studying the biology and pathogenic impact of an  undescribed eriophyoid mite on Black Cottonwoods (Populus sp.). I would like  to conduct some inoculation experiments whereby I will be transferring  overwintering mites from twigs directly to the underside of leaves. The result  should be the production the associated disease symptoms as well as actively  reproducing mite populations. I would like to know if anyone knows of anything  in the literature involving eriophyoid mite inoculations to produce disease  symptoms. I am also searching for methods to enclose and contain inoculated  plants/leaves that breathe but prevent the tiny mites from escaping. Any ideas  or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Tony Hunt      E-mail:
Pacific Forestry Centre
506 West Burnside Road
Victoria, B.C. V8Z 1M5

From:  Jim Keirans <>
Date:  1/8/97 8:44am
Subject:  Death of Dr. Robert Traub


        Dr. Robert Traub, world-renowned medical entomologist, died at Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Maryland on December 21st.  He was most famous for his work on fleas, having described over 150 new species and amassing the world's second largest flea collection, second only to that in The Natural History Museum in London.  He was also an expert on scrub typhus and chiggers, describing 124 trombiculid species, and was a member of the research team investing scrub typhus that was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1948.

James Keirans
James E. Keirans
U.S. National Tick Collection
Institute of Arthropodology & Parasitology
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, Georgia 30460-8056, USA
Tel. 912-681-5564
Fax  912-681-0559
E-mail -
World wide web -

From:  Randi Hansen <>
Date:  1/16/97 12:22pm
Subject:  Oribatid mite richness

I am doing a comparison of oribatid mite species richness in soil and litter of forested sites in the southern Appalachian mountains with sites in other regions of the world.  I am looking for studies that have sampled the soil and litter in samples of known area (say, 5 cm diameter cores) to about 5 cm depth. I'd really appreciate direction toward any data sets you think might be useful: species richness from litter and soil of fairly undisturbed forested sites with the area sampled included.  (I realize many studies lump members of Suctobelbidae and Brachychthonoidea - these are still useful to me!)

Thanks very much,

Randi Hansen

From:  "Andrew J. Davis" <pab6awd@WEST-01.NOVELL.LEEDS.AC.UK>
Date:  1/20/97 7:32am
Subject:  Hoogstraal reprints

Dear All,

I have between 50 and 100 reprints on ticks (mostly physiology or taxonomy) authored or coauthored by Harry Hoogstraal.  I no longer have any space for them and so will send them to anyone who asks.

If more than one person asks for them i'll give preference to  acarologists in developing countries or needing the cheapest  postage.


From:  pc4 <>
To: AGCAN.INTERNET("","mhosaka@pc4....
Date:  1/21/97 10:06am

Dear the representative,

I would like to join your mailing list.

the best wishes,

<< Masahiro (Mh.) OSAKABE  >>
<< Persimmon and Grape Research Center             >>
<< National Institute of Fruit Tree Science        >>
<< 338-1 Akitsu, Toyota, Hiroshima, 729-24 JAPAN   >>
<< TEL. 81-846-45-1260                             >>

From:  "Andrew J. Davis" <pab6awd@WEST-01.NOVELL.LEEDS.AC.UK>
Date:  1/28/97 5:52am
Subject:  Hoogstraal reprints


Just to let the list know that i have sent the Hoogstraal reprints that i offered recently on this list to Gilberto Moraes in Brazil who fitted my stated prioritization.

I've never had so many responses to a mailing and apologise to all those I Received: from I had to disappoint.

regards, Andrew

 From:  "Gamal M. Mahmoud AbdelLatif" <>
To: acarology <>
Date:  1/26/97 7:26am
Subject:  A key of Tarsonemidae

Dear Colleagues,
 I'll be verey gratful if any one can help me to fiend a key of famliy
Tarsonemidae genera
  Thanks in advance
  Ehab Mostafa Bakr

From:  Sabina Swift <swift@bishop.bishop.Hawaii.Org>
To: "Gamal M. Mahmoud AbdelLatif" <GMABDELA@frcu.eun.e...
Date:  1/27/97 1:43pm
Subject:  Re: A key of Tarsonemidae

I refer you to Evert E. Lindquist's The world genera of Tarsonemidae (Acari: Heterostigmata): a morphological, phylogenetic, and systematic recision, with a reclassification of family-group taxa in the  heterostigmata, in Memoirs of the Entomol. Soc. of Canada No. 136, 1986.

Aloha,  Sabina

Sabina Fajardo Swift, PhD            / Phone: (808)847-8217
Bishop Museum                    /  Fax: (808)841-8968
Department of Natural Sciences   /  E-mail:
P.O. Box 19000
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 USA

On Sun, 26 Jan 1997, Gamal M. Mahmoud AbdelLatif wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
>  I'll be verey gratful if any one can help me to fiend a key of famliy
> Tarsonemidae genera
>   Thanks in advance
>   Ehab Mostafa Bakr

CC: acarology <>

From:  bertrand <>
Date:  1/21/97 6:23am
Subject:  Parasitic mites Colloquium

La Sialf organise à Banyuls (France) en 1997 un colloque
SIALF organizes in BANYULS (France) in 1997 a colloquium

 LES ACARIENS PARASITES : Aspects fondamentaux et appliqués.
(Parasitic mites : fundamental and applied aspects) 29/09/97 --04/ 10/ 97
Pré inscription / pre registration:
         FRAIS-FEES : 200 FF (40 US$)
secrétariat du colloque:
  Dr Françoise Athias -Binche
  dept Ecologie Evolutive
  BP 44
FAX 33 4 68 88 18 62
TEL  33 4 68 88 12 18

SIALF and AGAR publ.
        Les Acariens Oribates
viii+110pages; ISBN 2-87257-002-0
Morphologie, Classification
Biologie, Biogéographie, Ecologie
Prix: BEF 580 (Port inclus)=USD: 20 North America only)
This book, richly illustrated with SEM pictures, originals Grandjean  drawings and diagrams,  is intended for students, teachers, researchers and  soil biologists
Addres orders to your supplier or to:
AGAR publichers
39 Venelle du Bois de SARAS
your contact: H.M.ANDRE
JAZ managing Editor
Les membres de la SIALF bénéficient d'un prix préférentiel et sont priés de
contacter notre trésorier Serge KREITER
Michel Bertrand
Univ Montpellier3

From:  Kevin Broady <>
Date:  1/30/97 9:23pm
Subject:  DNA/RNA from ticks

I wish to contact researchers in South Africa and North America who would be able to supply DNA, RNA or cDNA from engorged ticks of the following species:

In South Africa:
Rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi, Ixodes rubicundus and Hyalomma truncatum.

In North America:
Dermacentor andersoni, Ixodes scapularis and Rhipicephalus sanguineus.

Thanks in anticipation
Kevin Broady

Associate Professor K.W.Broady
Head, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
University of Technology, Sydney
Ph:  61-2-9514 4101
Fax: 61-2-9514 4026

From:  "Maurice O'Donnell" <>
Date:  1/30/97 7:18pm
Subject:  e-mail address

Would anyone on the Acarology list  know the e-mail address of  Evert E. Lindquist, an acarologist believed to be working at the Biosystematics Research Institute, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa.  Please reply to

Maurice O'Donnell
Plant Protection Centre
Ministry of Agriculture
Lincoln, New Zealand

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