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On assignment for WWF UK, Emmanuel’s brief was to photograph the elusive wildlife of the Bhutanese mountains.

Surprised to find a rhododendron at an altitude of 3,500 metres (11,500 feet), he installed a camera trap, hoping, although not overly confident, that the large mammals he was there for would use the very narrow forest path nearby. Returning many weeks later, Emmanuel was amazed to find a head-on picture of a takin, with the colours of blue sky, pink flowers and mustardyellow coat of the beast perfectly complementing one another.

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    Emmanuel Rondeau


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    • Canon EOS 550D
    • Sigma 10–20mm f4–5.6 lens at 13mm
    • 0.3 sec at f9 (-2 e/v)  •   ISO 400  •   two Nikon SB-28 flashes
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