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Looking up, Max was astonished to see a tayra peering down at him. He had occasionally encountered these elusive mammals bounding along the forest floor, yet this one was high in a Panama rubber tree, picking fruit with its teeth. Aiming his camera straight up to the clouds, Max captured this rare shot.

Roughly the size of a small dog, tayras are mustelids – a family that includes badgers, wolverines and weasels. Tayras are omnivorous and eat a wide range of food, from small mammals, fruit and invertebrates to reptiles, birds and carrion. They also have a liking for honey.

Behind the lens

Max Waugh

Max Waugh


Based in Seattle, USA, Max leads photography tours in locations with high levels of biodiversity. These always inspire an unforgettable sense of adventure and discovery, but what Max takes most pleasure from is in sharing the experience with others - not only his tour clients, but a wider audience who may only get to learn about the world's amazing nature through photography.

Image details

  • Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
  • 600mm f4 lens
  • 1/320 sec at f6.3  •   ISO 640  •   Induro tripod + Wimberley Sidekick and Really Right Stuff ball head
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