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For Ripan, insects are the real lure of the Buxa Tiger Reserve. One afternoon he was intrigued by this small fly feeding inside an empty snail shell. By reverse mounting his lens to convert it to a macro and manually adjusting the settings, Ripan captured the fly’s features in remarkable detail, even the slight iridescence of its wings.

This female fly is searching for protein-rich decaying snail flesh to feed on – most likely in order to mature her eggs. She will typically lay these eggs in the shoots of grasses and cereals and her larvae will later feed there, earning this group of flies the common name ‘shoot flies’.

Behind the lens

Ripan Biswas

Ripan Biswas


Ripan has been inspired by nature since childhood - the life and death of a grasshopper, the flashing green hue of a bee-eater and the sound of crushing dry leaves on a forest floor always enthralled him. His work focuses on insect macro photography, and he would like to spread awareness about the natural world through his images.

Image details

  • Nikon D500
  • 18–55mm lens (reverse mounted)
  • 1/125 sec  •   ISO 125  •   Godox V860II flash
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