The Moon and the crow

Gideon Knight's Image

Strolling through the park at dusk, a carrion crow caught Gideon’s eye as it moved through a tree. He kept watch waiting for the crow to pause in silhouette. Finally, just as the light was failing, Gideon captured an ordinary moment and turned it into something magical.

Usually seen on their own or in pairs, carrion crows are highly intelligent and playful birds that delight in toys. Carrion crow pairs mate for life, building nests and caring for their young together. Despite being fiercely territorial, carrion crows are often mistaken for rooks, which are sociable birds.

Behind the lens

Gideon Knight

Gideon's interest in nature began in his garden and soon spread to his local park and further afield. From the first moment he paid attention to nature, the natural world has never failed to amaze him. He hopes to have a future in conservation as a wildlife photographer to help raise awareness through photography.

Image details

  • Canon EOS 7D Mark I
  • 400mm f5.6 lens
  • 1/250 sec at f6.3
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