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One winter afternoon in the Dutch Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, Paul discovered the still-warm body of a red deer doe.

He photographed its eye ‘to capture her fading spirit’. Then he decided to let the camera run overnight. It captured shadows of reeds and a spark of light as the deer’s eye caught the Moon before freezing solid. He was inspired to take more time-lapse images in the reserve, capturing snow shrouding a kingfisher in white and a frozen tree in starlight. The result is a moving tribute to natural rhythms, revealing scenes that otherwise would be impossible to witness.

Behind the lens

Paul Klaver

Paul Klaver

The Netherlands

Film-maker and nature photographer, Paul played a major role in the making of the first Dutch nature film for the big screen – The New Wilderness – spending two years in the field as a cameraman and working with special time-lapse techniques. He has also produced a short film about the nutrient cycle in southeast Alaska. His aim is to capture the essence of wilderness in his images.

Image details

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • range of lenses (14 to 100mm)
  • different interval and dissolve times (1 to 30 seconds)
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