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TitlePapers re Publications: Books by Alfred Russel Wallace
DescriptionPapers related to the writing and publication of books by Alfred Russel Wallace, including Mss, printed proofs of text and illustrations, annotated photographs and drawings, printed reviews, rough notes and correspondence.

First date is that of publication of first or only edition of work, dates in brackets those of the archived papers.
WP6/1 1869 (nd) Papers re Malay Archipelago
WP6/2 1870 (1871) Papers re Contributions to the theory of Natural Selection
WP6/3 1876 (1876?) Papers re The Geographical Distribution of Animals...
WP6/4 1880 (1880-81) Papers re Island Life
WP6/5 1889 (1889?-1901?) Papers re Darwinism: an exposition of the theory of natural selection…
WP6/6 1900 (1887?-1900?) Papers re Studies Scientific and Social
WP6/7 1903 (1904? Papers re Man's place in the Universe
WP6/8 1905 (1904-1906?) Papers re autobiography My Life
WP6/9 1907 (1907) Papers re Is Mars Habitable?
WP6/10 1910 (1911) Papers re The World of Life
WP6/11 1913 (1913) Papers re Social environment and moral progress
WP6/12 1889-1899 Readers' correspondence and related papers
WP6/13 1898-1909 Papers re The Wonderful Century

Name: Wallace, Alfred Russel, 1823-1913
Date[1869] -1913
Held_ByNHM General Library

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PX473Wallace; Alfred Russel (1823-1913); Biologist1823-1913
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