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Alt Ref NoWP3
TitleDiaries, notebooks and sketchbooks
DescriptionDiaries, notebooks and sketchbooks kept by Alfred Russel Wallace and members of his family comprising:
Address book; diary of a journey in the Lake District; sketchbook; undated notebook in an unknown hand and notebook with entries c. 1846-1913 in Alfred Russel Wallace's hand and that of other members of his family including his brother-in-law Thomas Sims on various topics including lectures and photography.

WP3/1 1846-1885? Notebook with notes in several hands
WP3/2 1856? Sketch book containing pencil sketches
WP3/3 1873?-1913 Address and Note book
WP3/4 1893 Notebook with notes re tour of Lake District
WP3/5 ND Undated Notebook in an unknown hand beginning 'Why is the Sea salt?'
WP3/6 1849 Notebook used by A R Wallace and his brother Herbert in the Amazon
WP3/7 1886-1887 Envelope used to contain notes from North American trip
WP3/8 1886-1887 Notes re lecture tour of America
WP3/9 1845-1880 Sketch note book
WP3/10 1865-1904 Notebook with notes on Spiritualism
WP3/11 1864-1874 Bank account noteboos
WP3/12 1865-1882 Addresses and investment book
WP3/13 1790-1845 Notebook of Thomas Vere Wallace
WP3/14 1910-1913 Typed list of manuscripts and books by A R Wallace
WP3/15 1910-1913 Notes on variation dispersal
WP3/16 1904 Radiation in the Solar system by Professor J H Poynting
WP3/17 1848-1852 4 pencil sketches by Wallace
WP3/18 1855-1862 Notes on Curculionidae by Wallace
WP3/19 1848-1912 Scrapbook

Name: Wallace, Alfred Russel, 1823-1913
Sims, Thomas, fl 1850
Held_ByNHM General Library

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PX473Wallace; Alfred Russel (1823-1913); Biologist1823-1913
PX5292Sims; Thomas (1826-1910); Photographer1826-1910
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