Turtle time machine
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During Christopher Columbus’s Caribbean voyage of 1494, green sea turtles were said to be so numerous that his ships almost ran aground on them.

Today the species is classified as endangered. However, at locations like Little Farmer’s Cay in the Bahamas, green turtles can be observed with ease. An ecotourism project run by fishermen (some who used to hunt turtles) uses shellfish scraps to attract the turtles to the dock. Without a time machine it is impossible to see the pristine turtle population, but Thomas hopes that this image provides just a glimpse of the bounty our seas once held.

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    Thomas Peschak

    Germany/South Africa

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    • Nikon D5
    • 15.0 mm f2.8 lens at 15mm
    • 1/200 sec at ƒ16  •   IS0 500
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