The Rat Game

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Matthew spent several years photographing the foxes that live on an allotment near his home. On this particular evening, as some of the younger foxes were at play, one ran out of the bushes with a dead rat in its mouth. The others began squabbling over the rodent and a tug-of-war developed. Flashing a determined stare, this fox held tight to its trophy.

With their long, narrow jaws and thin canine teeth, foxes are adapted to hunt small rodents, including juvenile rats. Adult rats are a more daunting prospect as they can inflict serious injury. Urban foxes, rather than hunting rodents, often consume food they scavenge from human populations.

Behind the lens

Matthew Maran

Matthew Maran


Matthew works with organisations to showcase conservation efforts. His images have been widely published and he has produced three books under his own imprint, Hemisphere Publishing. His current work tells the story of urban foxes close to his north London home. He is the host of the Matthew Maran Podcast, interviewing world-renowned photographers, conservationists and filmmakers.

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  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  • 70–200mm f2.8 lens at 200mm
  • 1/800 sec at f4.5  •   ISO 2000
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