The Pull of the Meadows

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Alberto visits the same meadow every spring, where he knows fieldfares gather to feed on earthworms. Lying flat on the grass, he witnessed this particular ‘cartoon scene’. The fieldfare was pulling and then pausing, dislodging the worm bit by bit, but not using so much force as to snap it and leave half a meal behind.

Fieldfares are gregarious thrushes that forage for invertebrates on the ground. Earthworms are their main food source during spring and summer, so they must harvest enough to stay alive. Normally, a bird will pull out a worm in one go. But, in this case, the earthworm hung on, contracting its body underground to anchor itself with the tiny bristles that line its body.

Behind the lens

Alberto Fantoni

Animals and local landscapes have always fascinated Alberto. Thanks to his father Luca and his grandfather Alberto, he has been passionate about nature photography from a young age. The animals of the Alps and northern Italy are his favourite subjects. Winner of prestigious international competitions, he has been awarded several times at Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Image details

  • Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  • Canon 500mm f4.5 lens
  • 1/640 sec at f5.6 (+1 e/v)  •   ISO 500
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