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Makoto spent hours hiding behind a tree in the hope of seeing this owl couple pose or perform. Then a squirrel appeared. It approached the owls’ nesthole and peered in before suddenly leaping away and speeding into the forest, as if realising its mistake. With equally quick reactions, Makoto framed the squirrel’s frenzied escape under the owls’ watchful gaze.

Ural owls prey on small mammals, including red squirrels. The red squirrels on Hokkaido have characteristically tufted ears, bushy tails and grey-tinged winter coats. In other regions, grey squirrels have outcompeted red. They have also spread a virus that is more likely to kill red squirrels than grey.

Behind the lens

Makoto Ando

Makoto Ando


Makoto is a master guide recognised by the Governor of Hokkaido, Japan, and is a photographer and videographer. He mainly works in eastern Hokkaido Shiretoko, Akan Mashu National Park, Kushiro Marshland and Alaska.

Image details

  • Nikon D850
  • 400mm f2.8 lens
  • 1/1250 at f8  •   ISO 400  •   Gitzo tripod + Sachtler head
  • Tsurui, Hokkaido, Japan
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