Pikin and Appolinaire

Jo-Anne McArthur's Image

Pikin, a lowland gorilla, had been captured and was going to be sold for bushmeat but was rescued by Ape Action Africa.

Jo-Anne took this photograph as the gorilla was being moved from her former enclosure within a safe forest sanctuary in Cameroon to a new and larger one, along with a group of gorilla companions. She was first sedated, but during the transfer to the new enclosure she awoke. Luckily, she was not only very drowsy, but she was also in the arms of her caretaker, Appolinaire Ndohoudou, and so she remained calm for the duration of the bumpy drive.

Behind the lens

Jo-Anne McArthur

Jo-Anne McArthur


Jo-Anne is a photographer, author and speaker. She has documented our relationship with animals for the last fifteen years through her long-term body of work, We Animals. She was the subject of the 2013 documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine and is the author of two books, We Animals and Captive. She also co-founded the Unbound Project, celebrating women animal advocates worldwide.

Image details

  • Nikon D300
  • Nikon 17–35mm f2.8 lens at 25mm
  • 1/100 sec at f3.2
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