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Winner 2019

Black and White

Max Waugh, USA

Snow Exposure

In a winter whiteout a lone American bison briefly lifts its head from its endless foraging. Max purposefully slowed his shutter speed to blur the snow and ‘paint lines across the silhouette of the bison’. Slightly overexposing the shot and converting it to black and white accentuated the simplicity of the wintry scene.

Swinging their huge heads from side to side, American bison sweep away snow with their muzzles to eat the grasses and sedges buried beneath. Originally a common sight, their largescale slaughter for meat and hides brought them close to extinction in the nineteenth century. But populations are recovering and wild American bison now thrive in national parks.

Technical specification

Canon EOS-1D X + 100–400mm f5.6 lens at 200mm; 1/15 sec at f22 (+1 e/v); ISO 100

Yellowstone National Park, USA: latitude 44.93753, longitude -110.444084 Yellowstone National Park, USA: latitude 44.93753, longitude -110.444084

Yellowstone National Park, USA

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Max Waugh

Max Waugh, USA

Based in Seattle, USA, Max leads photography tours in locations with high levels of biodiversity. These always inspire an unforgettable sense of adventure and discovery, but what Max takes most pleasure from is in sharing the experience with others - not only his tour clients, but a wider audience who may only get to learn about the world's amazing nature through photography.