WPY 2019

Photograph Details

Highly Commended 2019

11-14 Years Old

Tamás Koncz-Bisztricz, Hungary

One Foggy Night

Tamás and his dad were surprised by a dense fog while out to photograph deer. On their way back, Tamás turned his attention to the silhouette of a lone European oak tree against the dark sky. Using flash to transform the tiny water droplets in the air into curious circles scattered across the frame, he captured ‘the dark, creepy and mysterious moment’.

European oaks have an important ecological role. During their lifespan, which can last over a century, they support hundreds of different species – animals use them for shelter, lichens and mosses grow on their bark, fungi rely on their root system and birds and mammals feed on the acorns they produce.

Technical specification

Nikon COOLPIX P900; 1/30 sec at f2.8; ISO 400; built-in flash; Manfrotto tripod

Kiskunság National Park, Hungary: latitude 46.47841, longitude 20.047012 Kiskunság National Park, Hungary: latitude 46.47841, longitude 20.047012

Kiskunság National Park, Hungary

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Tamás Koncz-Bisztricz

Tamás Koncz-Bisztricz, Hungary

Tamás started out taking photos of many subjects, but after entering in his first nature photography contest at the age eight, he turned his focus to birds, insects, butterflies and flowers, especially orchids. He often went hiking with his family, which helped to study these species, and as the years passed his interests have broadened from animals to the whole of nature.