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Winner 2018

Wildlife Photojournalism

Joan de la Malla, Spain

The Sad Clown

Timbul, a long-tailed macaque, puts his hand to his face to try and relieve the discomfort of his mask, while being trained to stand upright for a street show. Sights such as this are common in Indonesia, and Joan spent a long time gaining the trust of the monkey’s owners. ‘They are not bad people,’ he says. Most are earning money to send their children to school.

Macaques like Timbul live in awful conditions, deprived of the social relationships they need to thrive. They work many hours, dancing and riding bikes, movements that are unnatural and uncomfortable. Animal charities are working to enforce legislation that makes it illegal to take young monkeys from the wild or to trade in them without a permit.

Technical specification

Nikon D810 + 24–70mm f2.8 lens; 1/250 sec at f2.8; ISO 100; Speedlight SB-800 flash

Surabaya, Java, Indonesia: latitude -7.257059, longitude 112.75211 Surabaya, Java, Indonesia: latitude -7.257059, longitude 112.75211

Surabaya, Java, Indonesia

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Joan de la Malla

Joan de la Malla, Spain

Joan is a freelance photographer focusing on nature, local communities and the environment. He is also a biologist specialising in organisms and systems. He currently devotes his time to conservation by working with national and international entities to raise awareness of the vital work to safeguard the future of endangered species and their habitats.

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