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Highly commended 2018

Wildlife Photojournalism

Britta Jaschinski, Germany / UK


The audience cheered as this cowed Asiatic black bear was forced to perform tricks. As Britta watched, camera in hand, the trainer kept looking over to her, but it was only after the performance that they confronted her. Happy with what she had captured, Britta ran, proud to have ‘documented this cruel performance to share it with the world’.

In 2010, the Chinese State authorities banned all animal performances at zoos and animal parks, but nearly 40 per cent of attractions still fail to comply. The practice is horrifically cruel with the animals neglected and starved to ensure obedience on stage. Many are captured from the wild, wrenched from their homes to dance for audiences’ pleasure.

Technical specification

Nikon F4 + 50mm lens; 1/125 sec at f5.6; Kodak Tri-X-Pan 400 film

Guilin, China: latitude 25.2688, longitude 110.3121 Guilin, China: latitude 25.2688, longitude 110.3121

Guilin, China

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Britta Jaschinski

Britta Jaschinski, Germany / UK

Britta is based in London but her passion to protect animals takes her across the globe. She is the co-founder of Photographers Against Wildlife Crime, an international group of award-winning photographers who joined forces to use their images to help bring an end to the illegal wildlife trade. Britta's work has been published and exhibited worldwide, including in more than 25 solo shows.

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