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Earth’s Environments

Orlando Fernandez Miranda, Spain


At the top of the dune, Orlando faced a trio of weather elements: a fierce northeasterly wind, warm afternoon sunshine and a dense ocean fog. Using the sharp ridge of sand in front of him as a focal point, he kept the sweep of dunes to his right in focus, leaving the distant coastal landscape, hidden behind a curtain of fog, a mystery.

A mix of fog and sunshine is not unusual on the Skeleton Coast. Cool winds from the Benguela Current – an ocean current that flows northwards – mix with the arid climate of the Namib Desert to create thick fog. The moisture from this fog spills inland and is vital to the survival of many plants and insects.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 70–200mm f2.8 lens at 110mm; 1/500 sec at f11; ISO 100

Skeleton Coast, Namibia : latitude -19.19, longitude 12.72 Skeleton Coast, Namibia : latitude -19.19, longitude 12.72

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

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Orlando Fernandez Miranda

Orlando Fernandez Miranda, Spain

Orlando is a multidisciplinary photographer who for years has been combining nature photography, portraiture and other disciplines. He is currently travelling to document amphibians and reptiles in the tropics and deserts of several countries.