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Cristobal Serrano, Spain

The Ice Pool

‘Humans have tried to master the art of sculpture, but icebergs show us we are no match for nature’s great design,’ explains Cristobal. To reveal the beauty of this spectacular ice carving, he used a low-noise drone, flying it high so as not to disturb the crabeater seals. The aerial viewpoint showed a heart-shaped pool in the iceberg’s centre.

Crabeater seals feed primarily from dusk to dawn, hauling out onto the ice around the middle of the day to rest. The clear blue area in this image is where the iceberg has melted away below the water line, creating a small and shallow pool, contrasted against the deep and dark ocean.

Technical specification

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus + 8.8–24mm (35mm-format equiv) f2.8–11 lens; 1/120 sec at f4.5; ISO 100

Errera Channel, Antarctic Peninsula : latitude -64.68458, longitude -62.636192 Errera Channel, Antarctic Peninsula : latitude -64.68458, longitude -62.636192

Errera Channel, Antarctic Peninsula

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Cristobal Serrano

Cristobal Serrano, Spain

Cristobal's passion for photography stemmed from his early love of nature and a desire to transmit knowledge and understanding to promote the conservation of the living world. All of his photographic work has a common concept, summarised as 'the art of creation is the art of nature'.

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