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Highly commended 2018

Behaviours Mammals

Nicholas Dyer, UK

Ahead in the Game

After tracking this pack of African wild dogs on foot for more than three kilometres, Nicholas looked on as this pair of pups played a macabre game with the remains of their baboon breakfast. ‘Half of me felt disturbed by the disrespect this deceased fellow primate was receiving,’ he says. ‘The other half was caught up in the infectious joy of the puppies.’

The endangered African wild dog, also known as the painted wolf, is best known for hunting antelope, such as impala and gazelle. However, its main prey can vary from pack to pack and will include smaller animals such as this baboon. Known for their intricate social structures, painted wolf pups old enough to take solid food are given priority at kills.

Technical specification

Nikon D5 + 400mm f2.8 lens; 1/640 sec at f5.6 (-0.6 e/v); ISO 800; Redged tripod + Wimberley head

Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe: latitude -15.737296, longitude 29.311035 Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe: latitude -15.737296, longitude 29.311035

Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

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Nicholas Dyer

Nicholas Dyer, UK

In 2011 Nicholas returned to Kenya, where he grew up, to pursue his passion for photography, wildlife, writing and conservation. Since then he has visited many areas in east and southern Africa, improving his photographic skills and his understanding of wildlife. In 2017 he set up the Painted Wolf Foundation, dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the species.