WPY 2018

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Highly commended 2018

15–17 Years Old

Cameron McGeorge, New Zealand


Cameron built his first drone with his father in 2013, all the while dreaming of photographing whales from the air. Four years later he achieved his ambition, capturing this spectacular shot of a humpback whale, its calf and their accompanying male escort. For Cameron, this image is a unique perspective of ‘nature’s most breathtaking subjects’.

These whales are part of a group known as the Tongan tribe, which is classed as endangered. It lives isolated from other breeding groups, and so numbers have fallen dramatically. Sightings such as this bring hope that the population is recovering. This calf is just a few days old, and the male, hoping to mate with the mother, will defend them both from predators.

Technical specification

DJI Mavic Pro + 4.73mm lens; 1/25 sec at f2.2; ISO 150

Foa, Tonga: latitude -19.70471, longitude -174.27924 Foa, Tonga: latitude -19.70471, longitude -174.27924

Foa, Tonga

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Cameron McGeorge

Cameron McGeorge, New Zealand

Cameron was given his first camera on his fifth birthday and has been hooked on photography ever since. He has a strong passion for the oceans and aims to promote marine sustainability with his photos.