WPY 2018

Photograph Details

Highly commended 2018

11–14 Years Old

Adam Hakim Hogg, Malaysia

The Victor

Fascinated, Adam watched a furious life and death battle between this tree lizard and an aggressive Malaysian jewel centipede. It was only after the fight was over that Adam remembered he had his camera. Working quickly, he jumped into the ditch and crawled towards the lizard for this eye-level portrait of it standing victorious over its conquest.

The horn-like spines that protrude from this lizard’s eye sockets are the inspiration for its common name – the Titiwangsa horned tree lizard. These reptiles are highly sought after by poachers looking to sell them illegally to the pet trade. This practice causes huge distress to the lizards and leaves a gap in the local ecosystem.

Technical specification

Lumix GH3 + Canon 70–200mm f2.8 lens + micro 4/3 adaptor; 1/1000 sec; ISO 1600

Pahang, Malaysia: latitude 3.715994, longitude 101.75023 Pahang, Malaysia: latitude 3.715994, longitude 101.75023

Pahang, Malaysia

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Adam Hakim Hogg

Adam Hakim Hogg, Malaysia

Adam has been taking wildlife photographs for as long as he can remember. He spends lots of his free time with his dad photographing the wildlife around their home in Malaysia. He is also a keen bird watcher.

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