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Finalist 2016


Fortunato Gatto, Italy

After the storm

Fortunato caught the last ferry to Eigg before the storm hit. Timing his trip carefully, snow on the mountains of Rùm coincided with low tide and a beautiful dawn the next morning. As the first light hit the distant peaks, everything came together in this sublime moment – the dynamic clouds contrasting with the rippled sand.

The islands of Eigg and Rùm face each other across a deep trench of water in the Scottish Hebrides. Eigg formed from a lava flow, and the remains of that volcano became Rùm. The shiny metallic sand in Laig Bay is a mixture of bright white shells and dark grains from Eigg’s volcanic past.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Zeiss 21mm f2.8 lens and Lee landscape polariser; ND 1.8 and NDG hard-edge filters; 121 sec at f11; ISO 100; Canon remote control; Manfrotto tripod.

Laig Bay, Isle of Eigg, Scotland: latitude 56.898136, longitude -6.161014 Laig Bay, Isle of Eigg, Scotland: latitude 56.898136, longitude -6.161014

Laig Bay, Isle of Eigg, Scotland

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Fortunato Gatto

Fortunato Gatto, Italy

Fortunato moved from Italy to Scotland in 2007 to follow his dream of becoming a professional photographer. He has since has spent most of his time travelling the country to discover its hidden treasures. With dedication, scientific study and his family's support, he has earned international recognition in photography competitions.

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