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Finalist 2016


Juan Jesús González Ahumada, Spain

The harvestman walk

There were lots of harvestmen about that night in the pine forest, so Juan seized the chance to capture the character of one of these spider-like arachnids. Turning the light on and off during a single long exposure, he recorded an impression of the animal’s navigation, its legs in constant motion.

Harvestmen typically hunt at night using their second pair of legs as antennae to guide them. Unlike spiders, they cannot produce venom. Instead, these sit-and-wait predators catch and eat a range of insects, snails and worms using their jaws and the modified spines on their legs.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 6D; 100mm f2.8 lens; 133 sec at f8; ISO 100; flashlight; remote control; tripod.

Málaga, Spain: latitude 36.574787, longitude -4.903227 Málaga, Spain: latitude 36.574787, longitude -4.903227

Málaga, Spain

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Juan Jesús González Ahumada

Juan Jesús González Ahumada, Spain

Juan Jesus has spent almost 20 years photographing and studying animal behaviour. He is passionate about wildlife, having been in regular contact with nature while growing up in the countryside. Juan Jesus is self-taught, learning from books and by experimenting with his camera.

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