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Angel Fitor, Spain

The dying of the light

Struck by their uniqueness, ‘like a living island,’ Angel waited three years for a lone jelly on a calm night, when the sunset was at its best. A bubble of trapped air under the umbrella of this one, from being flipped in the wind, meant it couldn’t dive and so wouldn’t survive for long.

Barrel, or dustbin-lid, jellyfish swarm in shallow summer waters, moving in from the open ocean to feed on coastal plankton blooms. As the season turns, cooling water and autumnal winds blowing across the lagoon of Mar Menor wipe out most of the barrel jellyfish that swam in to feed over the summer.

Technical specification

Nikon D800; Sigma 14mm f2.8 lens; 1 sec at f18; ISO 50; Nexus housing; Inon Z-240 strobe; Retra uTrigger; Manfrotto tripod.

Province of Murcia, Spain: latitude 37.64406, longitude -0.716026 Province of Murcia, Spain: latitude 37.64406, longitude -0.716026

Province of Murcia, Spain

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Angel Fitor

Angel Fitor, Spain

Angel work focuses on marine and freshwater environments. His images have featured in titles including National Geographic and GEO. He has contributed as both photographer and natural history advisor to many broadcasting companies and scientific research teams, including the BBC Natural History Unit, Silverback Films, and the Fish Evolutionary Lab of the University of Basel.