WPY 2016

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Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016

Grand title winner

Winner 2016

15–17 Years Old

Gideon Knight, UK

The Moon and the crow

Catching sight of a crow in the park, Gideon thought the spindly twigs of the sycamore tree ‘made it feel almost supernatural, like something out of a fairy-tale’. But the bird kept moving, making it difficult to keep it silhouetted against the Moon. Finally, just as the light was failing, Gideon turned an ordinary moment into something magical.

Carrion crows mate for life, building nests and caring for their young together. Often mistaken for more sociable rooks, carrion crows are fiercely territorial and more often seen on their own. These highly intelligent scavengers have adapted well to living near humans, playing an important role in the urban ecosystem.

‘If an image could be a poem, it would be like this. The highly intelligent and very useful carrion crow is a creature rarely loved. Here it is transformed into an image of beauty, within a perfect composition. The image epitomises what the judges are looking for – a fresh observation on our natural world, delivered with artistic flair.’
Lewis Blackwell, chair of the jury

Technical specification

Canon EOS 7D Mark I; 400mm f5.6 lens; 1/250 sec at f6.3; ISO 500.

Valentines Park, London, England: latitude 51.569992, longitude 0.070861 Valentines Park, London, England: latitude 51.569992, longitude 0.070861

Valentines Park, London, England

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Gideon Knight

Gideon Knight, UK

Gideon's interest in nature began in his garden and soon spread to his local park and further afield. From the first moment he paid attention to nature, the natural world has never failed to amaze him. He hopes to have a future in conservation as a wildlife photographer to help raise awareness through photography.

  • The Moon and the crow