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Winner 2015


Richard Peters, UK

Shadow walker

As Richard shone a torch into his garden one night, a fox trotted past, casting a shadow. This gave him the idea for a photograph telling a story of fox and human... while showing neither. On this particular evening, his neighbours switched a light on, unaware of this patrolling vixen just metres away. A snatched glimpse or brief silhouette such as this are the most many of us will see of an urban fox, as it goes about its nightly rounds. This vixen’s territory could include up to 400 gardens, but our polarised opinions of this enigmatic character means it will be more welcome in some than others.

Technical specification

Nikon D810 + 18-35mm lens at 32mm; 30 sec at f8; ISO 1250; Nikon SB-800 flash; Gitzo tripod + RRS BH-55 ballhead; Camtraptions PIR sensor.

Surrey, England: latitude 51.30713, longitude -0.620276 Surrey, England: latitude 51.30713, longitude -0.620276

Surrey, England

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Richard Peters

Richard Peters, UK

Richard’s passion for wildlife began with the natural history documentaries he watched as a child. His work, which favours light and composition over subject, has won prizes in international competitions.

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