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Winner 2015


Juan Tapia, Spain

Life comes to art

Every summer, barn swallows return to nest in an old storehouse on Juan’s farm. So he hung a ripped oil painting before a shattered window through which he knew the birds entered. Eight hours later, using remote control, he caught this moment, as though the bird had punched in from another world. As their name suggests, barn swallows prefer to nest inside buildings. They usually return to the same spot each year, repairing the nesting cups they sculpt from mud and clay. This swallow had most likely spent its winter in South Africa before migrating back to Europe to breed.

Technical specification

Canon 7D + 70-200mm f2.8 lens at 150mm; 1/250 sec at f14; ISO 400; Canon 580EX II and Metz 58 flashes; x2 Metz photocells; Manfrotto tripod + Rótula RC2; Godox remote.

Roquetas de mar, Almeria, Spain: latitude 36.71988, longitude -2.660495 Roquetas de mar, Almeria, Spain: latitude 36.71988, longitude -2.660495

Roquetas de mar, Almeria, Spain

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Juan Tapia

Juan Tapia, Spain

Juan started photographing nature using analogue cameras in 2002 , switching to digital equipment in 2007. He looks for abstract, hidden ways to express himself through images. His work has won awards in international competitions, and has been published in books and magazines such as Iris .