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Finalist 2015

10 Years and Under

Carlos Perez Naval, Spain

To drink or not

Western gulls were monopolising the dishes of fresh water set out by locals for a colony of California ground squirrels. Carlos was fascinated by the way the squirrels would try to sneak in for a sip when the gulls weren’t looking. He managed to press the shutter just before this gull lunged forward and the squirrel fled. Other than a painful peck to the head, this bold rodent is relatively safe – while gulls might occasionally eat small mammals this one would be unlikely to prey on an adult squirrel. Besides, these squirrels are braver than they look. They have been known to take on rattlesnakes, taunting them out of hiding to alert other squirrels to the danger.

Technical specification

Nikon D7100 + 200-400mm f4 lens at 400mm; 1/2500 sec at f5; ISO 500.

Morro Bay, California, USA: latitude 35.371117, longitude -120.86545 Morro Bay, California, USA: latitude 35.371117, longitude -120.86545

Morro Bay, California, USA

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Carlos Perez Naval

Carlos Perez Naval, Spain

Carlos has been taking photographs since he was five. He has won prizes in Spain, Italy and France, and was named Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2014. He loves nature and spends as much time as possible photographing the plants and animals near his home in Spain.

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