WPY 2012

Photograph Details

Specially commended 2012

11-14 Years

Joshua Burch, UK

Blood donation

The dragonflies weren’t cooperating. Joshua had borrowed his dad’s macro lens and sat down by the pond in his garden in Surrey to photograph them, but they just weren’t staying still for long enough. Then a very willing subject appeared. This one offered to sit very still indeed – but for a price. ‘I took about 10 pictures of the mosquito, starting with the ‘empty’ stage and ending when it had a full tank,’ says Joshua, who had to take the shot one-handed. ‘It’s a female – they need blood to develop their eggs (males don’t bite). My dad thought I was mad. But I told him that it was all part of the dedication of being a nature photographer, as he so often reminds me. One of the things I really like about photography is that you look at things differently and notice much more around you.’

Technical specification

Canon EOS 20D + 60mm macro lens; 1/250 sec at f5.6; ISO 400.

Carshalton, Surry, UK: latitude 51.365, longitude -0.164921 Carshalton, Surry, UK: latitude 51.365, longitude -0.164921

Carshalton, Surry, UK

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Joshua Burch, UK

Already an award-winning photographer, Joshua loves capturing local wildlife on camera to show his family and friends the amazing nature that is on their doorsteps. He has recently embarked on his first serious photography projects close to home, working with the foxes in his garden to earn their trust and understand their behaviour.

  • Fish-eye view