WPY 2011

Photograph Details

Winner 2011

Eric Hosking Portfolio Award

Bence Máté, Hungary

Technical specification

Image 1: Nikon D300S + Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5 lens; 1/160 sec at f16; ISO 500; Subal housing; three linked SB-800 flashes; floating remote-control system.
Image 2: Nikon D700 + 28-300mm lens;1/4 sec at f9; ND filter; ISO 100; two SB-800 flashes; Gitzo tripod; hide.
Image 3: Nikon D700 + 28-300mm lens; 1/30 sec at f13; ISO 100; two SB-800 flashes; tripod.
Image 4: Nikon D700 + 28-300mm lens; 1/160 sec at f9; ISO 250; three linked SB-800 flashes; floating hide.
Image 5: Nikon D700 + 28-300mm lens; 1/1000 sec at f4; ISO 1000; hide.
Image 6: Nikon D700 + 28-105mm lens; 1/250 sec at f13; ISO 200; two SB-800 flashes; Gitzo tripod.

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Bence Máté, Hungary

Bence grew up in Hungary in one Europe’s most significant bird migratory and nesting areas. He took up photography when he was 13, and soon his hobby became an obsession. He has been a professional bird photographer since 2004, making a living out of wildlife photography tourism. He was won many awards for his innovative images, often using self-built equipment and hides.

  • Lunge feeding
  • Ant rider
  • The great gape
  • Pelican perspective
  • Flight of the hoopoe
  • Brilliant show
  • Great catch
  • Workers' reflections
  • Fire on the Pantanal
  • King of the vultures
  • Leg-work
  • Attention time
  • A marvel of ants
  • Caiman's little mouthful
  • Herons in time and space
  • Portrait of a pelican
  • The bird rack
  • Hanger-trap