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Exhibitions and displays

Titanosaur: Life as the Biggest Dinosaur

Step into the world of the magnificent titanosaur Patagotitan mayorum - one of the largest creatures to have ever walked the earth. 

You’ll learn how Patagotitan mayorum stayed safe, found food and kept cool as you follow its journey from tiny egg to towering head and shoulders above other Cretaceous critters. 

New exhibition opens 31 March 2023

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Explore the natural world in all its fragility and diversity at the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, where 100 powerful photographs tell the story of a planet under pressure.

New exhibition open now

Dippy Returns: The Nation's Favourite Dinosaur

Dippy is back for a short visit. Experience Dippy's memories of nature throughout the UK and see how different communities are connecting with it.

Closes 2 January 

The Lost Rhino: an Art Installation with Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

The Lost Rhino is a free display that explores extinction, conservation and technology. Focused around three depictions of a rhino, each of them imperfect in their own way, the display examines our relationship with endangered species.

Opens 16 December

Exploring Our Oceans: The Challenger Expedition and Its Legacy

This free display of historic and contemporary imagery and specimens marks the 150th anniversary of the Challenger expedition, a ground-breaking scientific endeavour to sail around the world to systematically study the oceans for the very first time.

Now open

Events at the Museum

Free events

Women in Science Tour

Take a guided tour of the first floor Hintze Hall balconies and the Minerals gallery, and discover the fascinating work of women scientists past and present.

Hear the gripping histories of several women scientists across history including some who've worked at the Museum. 

Various dates. Free, tickets recommended.

Women in Science Tour: Space

Discover the fascinating work of women scientists - past and present - who have focused on space, meteorites and planetary materials.

Encounter numerous treasures such as meteorites and learn more about the Museum’s displays and our cutting-edge science.

Various dates. Free, tickets recommended.

Paid events

Behind the Lens Tour

Join our hosts for a special tour of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition and discover the stories and details that didn't make it into the captions.

Various dates


Adult £30, Member £13

Out of Hours Dino Tours

Book a Dino tour with one of our knowledgeable tour guides to get up close and personal with the all the main characters in our world-famous Dinosaurs gallery, all before it opens to the public.

45-minute tours from 9.00-9.45

Adult £25, child £17, Member £22.50

Mystery at the Museum: The Search for Dippy

Do you have what it takes to decode the clues and find where Dippy has disappeared to?

27 January 2023 18.30-21.45

Adult £35, Member £31.50 

The Giant Dino Night

Help us welcome one of the biggest dinosaurs ever to have roamed the planet, the colossal titanosaur.

28 April 2023  19.00-21.45


Adult £22, Member £19.80

Out of Hours Titano Tours

Make the most of your visit and roam our newest exhibition, and the world famous Dinosaur gallery, before it opens to the public.

45-minute tours from 9.00-9.45

Adult £25, child £17, Member £22.50

Jurassic Encounters: Animal Show

Delve into the Jurassic and meet the modern-day relatives of the animals that lived alongside Dippy in this fantastic animal handling show.

19 & 21 December

Adult £8, Member £7.20

New Year's Eve

Are you ready to bring in 2023 in the wildest way possible? After years of dampened celebrations, get ready for a raucous evening you won't forget.

31 December 20.00-1.30

Adult: £99 Member: £89.10

Dino Snores for Grown-ups

Come to a sleepover for grown-ups at one of London's most famous buildings and enjoy a night at the Museum featuring great entertainment, food and drink.

Various dates.

Adult £185, Member £166.50

Valentine's at the Museum

Calling all love bugs, solitary bees, flocks of friends and significant otters! Join us after hours to explore all things love and relationships in the natural world.

14 February 18:45-22.30

Adult: £37, Member: £33.30

Silent Disco

Choose your side as three DJs do battle over separate wireless channels, playing the very best of new and old.

Various dates.

Adult £30, Member £27

Dino Snores for Kids

Our sleepover for kids aged 7-11 gives budding natural history bods the chance to discover the Museum after dark and get involved in fun educational activities.

Various dates.

Adult £70, child £70, Member £63

Behind the Scenes Tour: Spirit Collection

Go behind the scenes with our knowledgeable science educators for a look at the Museum's fascinating zoology collection preserved in spirit.

Various dates.

Adult £25, Member £22.50

Yoga at the Museum

Find your zen at the Museum with a unique series of yoga classes for a variety of experience levels hosted in collaboration with East of Eden.

Various dates.

Adult £35, Member £31.50 

Adventure Babies

Join us at the Museum with your baby for a sensory storytelling class brought to you by award-winning Adventure Babies.

Every other Tuesday.

£20 for an adult-child duo