Museum tours and trails

The escalator through the red zone

Whether you're visiting for the first time or the fiftieth, these self-guided tours will take you through the best the Museum has to offer. 

Choose from family favourites, exhibits with impact, hidden treasures or dinosaurs. Each tour should take about two hours.

Family favourites

Spend quality time with your household without missing out on the highlights. This self-guided tour walks you through some of the Museum's biggest sights and is perfect for families - whether you’re a first-timer or returning visitor.

Exhibits with impact

This self-guided tour takes you through some of the Museum's most fascinating stories. It is aimed at adults and solo travellers. 

Hidden treasures

Even if you've visited the Museum before and have seen the highlights, there's still plenty to discover. This self-guided tour shows you some of the Museum's lesser-known treasures and is aimed at all ages. 

Dinosaur trail

See fossils, learn about the first dinosaurs ever discovered and come face-to-face with a Stegosaurus.