Museum trails

The escalator through the red zone

Excited about visiting, but not sure where to begin? Try one of our Museum trails.

Each trail will take you on a tour through one of our four zones, helping you discover some of our most popular attractions, as well as a few hidden treasures.

Created by our knowledgeable visitor assistants, these self-guided tours have been designed to last from one to two hours.

Dinosaur trail

Wander among fossils, learn about the first dinosaurs ever discovered and meet a Stegosaurus.

Blue Zone trail

From Triceratops to a blue whale, this trail guides you around some of the largest and most impressive specimens in the Museum.

Red Zone trail

Explore our ever-changing planet. Find an earthquake simulator, a Moon rock and a 3.5-billion-year-old fossil.

Orange Zone trail

Hear talks by Museum scientists and see our working laboratories, where public displays and behind-the-scenes research overlap. 

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