Step back in time to see the Museum as it was in 1881 with its original oak display cabinets in the Minerals gallery.

See sparkling gems alongside raw minerals, marvel at the variety of colours, textures and shapes, and learn how they're formed.

Star specimens and exhibits

  • examples of mineral use, from circuit boards to matches and toothpaste
  • ornamental mineral art
  • curiosities from the collection of Sir Hans Sloane
  • a 635-kilogramme iron meteorite that fell in Argentina in 1783
  • a 9,381 carat flawless blue topaz gemstone - the largest of its kind
  • and a wall display of many more meteorite specimens

Explore the galleries with the Museum map

Find out how to get around with the Museum map. There are four zones to discover.

Check out the Hintze Hall balcony displays

Explore the rock and mineral displays on the first-floor balcony in Hintze Hall. Walk out of Minerals and turn right - you'll find them straight ahead.

Earthly and Ethereal: Minerals, Rocks and Gems

Explore highlights of the geological collections in an online exhibition.

A collaboration between the Museum and Google Arts & Culture.