Earth Hall and Stegosaurus

The Stegosaurus in the Earth Hall

Meet our incredible dinosaur specimen, the most intact Stegosaurus fossil skeleton ever found. At three metres tall and almost six metres long, it's a dramatic welcome to Earth Hall.

Here you can feel the drama of our planet. Surrounded by a celestial map on the gallery walls, explore gems and minerals, including a piece of moon rock.

The escalator is currently under maintenance, but you can still get up to the first and second floors of the Red Zone via the stairs and lifts.

Star specimens and exhibits

  • marble that looks like a ruined city
  • a memorial stone to extinct marine animals
  • a devil's toenail and Zeus's thunderbolt
  • the ingredients to make gunpowder
  • a fossil that influenced the design of the Museum
  • a boomerang-shaped fossil amphibian skull that lived about 295 million years ago
  • a deep purple amethyst geode, formed when gas bubbles are trapped in cooling molten rock
  • a glass artwork of William Smith's geological map, located next to the cloakroom

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Dinosaur discoveries

Discover the diversity of life in the age when dinosaurs ruled the world, in an online exhibition.

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