Come to life at the Museum this spring.  

Hunt through our world-famous Dinosaurs gallery, hang out in Hintze Hall with a magnificent blue whale skeleton and say hello to the creatures who call our Wildlife Garden home.

Explore British wildlife

How to attract butterflies to your garden

Filling your garden with fluttering insects will make your flowerbeds beautiful and support biodiversity at the same time.

A gardener's guide to butterfly-friendly plants

Fancy yourself a bit of a green thumb? Three quarters of butterfly species are in decline in the UK, but gardeners can play a key role in providing colourful visitors with much-needed habitats.

A year of British garden wildlife

Gardens provide a huge range of habitats, giving shelter and food to a wealth of British wildlife that you may not realise is on your doorstep.

Don't miss the dinosaurs

We're the dino experts. Our pack of prehistoric hunters and herders is one of the best in the business - get on their tail and learn more about their world.

Hintze Hall

Explore a treasure trove of natural wonders.

Have a whale of a time

Walk beneath Hintze Hall's iconic centrepiece, the largest animal that ever lived. Or let Sir David Attenborough guide you around the displays with our audio guides.

Meet a mastodon

Bone up on this extinct Ice Age giant known as the Missouri Leviathan.

Have a blast

The Imilac meteorite rocks - it dates back to the origins of our solar system.

Family membership

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