Backing Biodiversity

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Every species matters. We are backing biodiversity, the incredible variety and volume of life on Earth.

Humans depend on biodiversity for food, fresh water, medicines and even the oxygen we breathe. In the short time we have been on this planet, we have increasingly disrupted the balance of biodiversity through changing land use, overexploitation of resources and the impact we are having on climate.

Nature needs our help. Stopping further damage to the planet requires a lot of change, but we can do it if we act now, together.

The Museum has more than 300 scientists researching all aspects of biodiversity and a collection of more than 80 million specimens representing the extraordinary variety and amount of life on Earth.

Throughout 2020, we will be running events and activities that explore how our scientists and collections are helping to tackle biodiversity change.

Catch up on our biodiversity-themed virtual events

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What you can do

Here's how to do your bit to protect nature.

The Urban Nature Project

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