Share your feedback on our digital designs and concepts

Got a few minutes to spare? Your feedback can help us make better experiences.

The Museum is always creating new experiences to connect people to our research and the natural world. However, we can’t make these experiences without hearing from our users about what works and what can be improved.

All of the links below will take you to a test page where you can give feedback on new designs and concepts from our digital team.

Two minute tests

Our Broken Planet event page design

Give feedback on a new look for our event page!

Wildlife Photographer of the Year homepage

Which homepage option do you think is better? Why not have a look and let us know.

Five minute tests

Fundraising proof of concept

What would you expect to see from a crowdfunding page? Here is your chance to let us know.

Donating to digitise proof of concept

If there was a fundraising project for digitisation, which options would you choose and why? We'd love to know!

Up for a challenge?

Why not have a go with one of our beta products?