Naturenauts: further adventures


Welcome, naturenauts! Here you can continue your adventures with Dippy and Fern. There are lots of things to do and explore nature wherever you are.

At home or in the city

Create a compass

Follow these instructions to make yourself a compass.

Watch a wildlife camera trap

Take a peek at animals in the wild through some cameras.

In the garden

Create a wildlife corridor

Help hedgehogs and frogs travel safely through your garden.

Prepare a butterfly buffet

Set up a feeding station for butterflies and watch them feast.

Build a bug hotel

Attract insects to your garden and see who's living in their new home.

At the park

Make a paintbrush

Collect natural materials to make a paintbrush, then paint your adventures.

Feathered friends: listen to the dawn chorus

Can you tell the difference between the songs of the robin and the blackbird?

In the forest

Tree safari

How can you measure the height of a tree using just your body?

Minibeast hunt

What insects can you spot in the undergrowth? 

At the beach


Uncover the secrets of rockpools.

Fossil Explorer

Discover the ancient plant and animal fossils hidden beneath your feet.

Big Seaweed Search

Explore the seashore and help scientists study Britain’s sealife.