Dippy's Naturenauts

Welcome, naturenauts! Are you ready for an adventure? Grab your phone or tablet to explore the nature on your doorstep.

Meet Dippy and

become a naturenaut!


What games can I play?

Tree safari icon

Tree safari

How many types of tree can you find? Build up a digital scrapbook of tree rubbings and explore their differences.

Colour hunt icon

Colour hunt

Wonder at the colours of nature. Red ladybirds, yellow buttercups - can you match the colour on your screen to your discoveries?

Plant quest icon

Plant quest

Do you have a passion for plants? Use our handy guide to identify plants that you find along your way.

Feathered friends icon

Feathered friends

Keep your ears open! Track down birds in the wild, then identify them by matching their songs to the way they look.

Fern the fox, your guide through Naturenauts

Meet Fern the friendly fox

Fern's got a nose for nature and will help you explore the plants and animals that you find on your adventure. 

Image of the Naturenauts basecamp map

Track your progress

Once you've set up your base camp, you can explore the games in any order you like. Every time you complete a game you'll win a badge, and Dippy and Fern will explain more about the things you've found.

All done?

If you've finished the games in the app, your journey doesn't have to be over. Here are a range of nature-based activities that you can do, wherever you happen to be.

Dippy on Tour

Dippy is roaming around the UK! Find out when and where Dippy will be coming to a town near you.