Digital nature journal

The digital nature journal in use on a phone

Try the journal today

No need to download an app - your journal entries are stored on your phone's browser.

A nature journal on your smartphone

There's so much to look for in nature, from birds at your window to bugs in your garden. Whatever you see, our Digital Nature Journal gives you a free and easy way to keep track of it all.

You don't need a pen or paper - just grab your smartphone or tablet to start your journal. There's no need to download an app - all your entries are stored in your phone's browser.

Easy entries, your way

You could write a poem about a spider, describe the texture of a leaf, take a photo of a bird - the choice is yours.

There's no scientific knowledge or technological know-how required.

Do you want to remember when you first spotted a robin, or note down the changes in the seasons? You can look back through your journal entries to review your observations. 

Take our seven-day challenge

We've released an early version of the Digital Nature Journal. We'd love it if you’d be one of the first to try it out.

See if you can spot at least one thing, once a day for seven days, and record it in the journal. Then, give us feedback so we can make future versions of the journal even better.

Help us improve the journal

This is a new product and is in beta testing. Please help us improve future versions by giving us feedback.

Want something more?

If you're already a keen nature observer there are lots of digital tools out there for you:

  • If you know your species names, you can contribute your photos and observations to biological recording data using the iRecord app
  • If you want to identify what you're seeing, grab a good photo and use the iNaturalist app's image recognition to help you
  • Help with real science research through citizen science apps like Zooniverse

Brush up on your nature knowledge

Crafting a nature journal

Do you want to make a physical nature journal, rather than use a digital version?

Then read our article on how to assemble one, with hints and tips on how to fill it.

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