Digital nature diary

How the digital nature diary will look on a phone

For anyone who enjoys nature

There are all sorts of ways to enjoy nature, from bird watching to bug hunts and from blossom spotting to bramble picking. 

However you choose to spend your time in nature, the Digital Nature Diary gives you a free and easy way to keep track of what you’ve seen.

Save what you've seen, your way

Whether you’re a photographer or a poet, the Digital Nature Diary lets you make entries your way. You can draw, record, take a photo or just describe what you see.

No scientific knowledge or Latin names required.

Track it and share it

Want to remember the birds coming to your feeder, or the plants you’ve seen in the park? Look back at your entries and remember what you’ve seen, and keep track of what’s changed.

Share and compare your entries with your friends and family, and complete weekly challenges to see who can spot the most.

Want something more?

If you’re already a keen nature observer there are lots of digital tools out there for you:

  • If you know your species names, you can contribute your photos and observations to biological recording data using the iRecord app
  • If you want to identify what you’re seeing, grab a good photo and use the iNaturalist app’s image recognition to help you
  • Help with real science research through citizen science apps like Zooniverse

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