Plant Club virtual BioBlitz

Plants growing on pavement, identified by their names written in coloured chalk with arrows

Our scientists need your help to learn more about the plants near you. What plants can you find in your local area?

At a glance

Discover plants near you and help scientists understand more about plants in your area.

Type of activity: Outdoors

Who can take part? Everyone

When and where? Monday 27 July - Sunday 9 August 2020. From anywhere you like!

How long will it take? About two minutes per observation.

Sometimes plants can be easy to miss. But when we take time to look a little closer, we see how exciting and important they really are!

Look closely at the shapes and textures of leaves and flowers and use the resources here to help you to tell different plants apart. Share your finds with scientists and other nature-lovers all over the world by joining and uploading photographs to our iNaturalist project

How to join

1. Sign up for a free iNaturalist account and join the Plant Club BioBlitz project

2. Between 27 July - 9 August 2020 take photographs of plants near you and upload to iNaturalist, or use the free iNaturalist app from AppStore or Google Play. You can download a guide (PDF 417KB) to using the app.

iNaturalist allows you to add multiple photographs for the same plant, so for the best chance of an identification, for each plant try to upload:

  • A photo of the whole plant
  • A close-up of the leaves
  • A close-up of the flowers and/or fruits or seeds if present

3. See what others have found and try adding your identifications. Look out for comments on your IDs and a blog post on the results of the BioBlitz in mid-August.

Free identification guides

There are over 3,000 species of wild plants in the UK, and many more grown in gardens and parks, so identifying them can be tricky. These guides can help, but if you are stuck, you can still upload pictures and other people can help find out what they are.