UK Natural History Training

There has never been a greater need to document, monitor and understand changes in the UK's wildlife.

Yet the number of people with the skills to survey and accurately identify species, handle and preserve reference specimens, and share their skills with others is declining.

The Angela Marmont Centre for UK Nature is developing a range of training offers to help you build your skills in identifying and recording UK wildlife.

Courses for 2023

We are currently redeveloping our UK Natural History training courses. This will include a range of courses for people at all levels of their natural history study, plus additional courses specifically aimed at teachers, particularly those considering the forthcoming Natural History GCSE.

We will be relaunching in Autumn 2023, do look back to this page for details later this year.

Identification Trainers for the Future

Read about our 2014-2018 lottery-funded training programme and its legacy.