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Are you ready to join the urban nature movement? 

It has never been more important to make our towns and cities healthy and sustainable places to live.

Wildlife is in trouble in the UK. The natural world faces unprecedented declines and it needs our help now more than ever.

Everyone can play a part in giving nature a helping hand. Join our urban biodiversity movement today.

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The future of the natural world, on which we all depend, is in your hands. 

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Why we need your help

Earth is changing fast under the influence of human behaviour, and biodiversity loss - the loss of the great variety of life - is just one of the consequences. Humans rely on nature to survive, so protecting biodiversity means protecting generations to come.

Engaging with biodiversity begins at home, yet it is declining in the UK.

Over 80% of the UK population live in urban areas, and this is projected to rise to 92% by 2030, leading to larger cities and more challenges for wildlife. This means that towns and cities are quickly becoming the spaces where most people will experience nature, and so they are key to protecting the UK's biodiversity.

We need to shift our perspective of nature, we need to learn more, connect with each other and act together to protect our urban nature, and we need to do it now.

The Urban Nature Project – our solution

Using the gardens in South Kensington as a launchpad, we will work with museums and wildlife organisations across the UK to tell the story of profound and extraordinary change on our planet. We will raise awareness about human impact on the environment and develop the tools and skills that are urgently needed to help people engage with and protect urban nature. 

Discover the Urban Nature Project

The Museum's five-acre site in South Kensington is being transformed into a welcoming, accessible and biologically diverse green space in the heart of London.

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Safeguarding nature's future

The Urban Nature Project will develop new scientific tools and skills that are urgently needed to restore and protect urban nature and to maximise its benefits to society.

Inspiring the next generation

The Urban Nature Project, a coalition of museums and wildlife organisations, will create an urban nature movement through a UK-wide learning programme for young people, families and schools.


We thank all those who have generously contributed to the Urban Nature Project so far, including:

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