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  • Our partnership

    Workman became one of the first corporate sponsors of the Museum’s newest development: The Urban Nature Project.

    Together, through this innovative capital redevelopment and national programme, Workman and the Museum will champion urban nature and encourage an appreciation of sustainability and biodiversity.

  • Workman and the Museum

    Workman is the UK's largest independently owned commercial property management and building consultancy firm. Its approach to sustainability is embedded throughout the organisation and mirrors the Museum's ambitions to build a more sustainable future, where both people and the planet thrive.

    Together Workman and the Natural History Museum are uniquely positioned to communicate the urgent state of UK biodiversity by showcasing the Museum's ground-breaking research and using combined expertise to inspire the next generation.

  • The Urban Nature Project

    The Museum's five-acre site in South Kensington is being transformed into a welcoming, accessible and biologically diverse green space in the heart of London. New, sustainably built outdoor galleries will showcase the Museum's scientific research and provide a space for the public to enjoy and explore urban nature. The existing Wildlife Garden will be extended to double the area of native habitats within the grounds, providing a fabulous setting for the Museum’s historic building.

    Museum staff will also work with organisations across the UK to inspire the next generation, create new opportunities for young people in cities and help everyone to learn about humanity's impact on the natural world.

    The Urban Nature Project symbolises the galvanisation of a national urban biodiversity movement, to encourage an appreciation of the diversity of wildlife in cities, and to mobilise people to take action to protect it.

    Find out more here: Urban Nature Project

  • Why act now

    We are facing a planetary emergency and the future of the natural world is in our hands. The Urban Nature Project is one of Museum's efforts to achieve a vision of a future where both people and the planet thrive.

    Engaging with biodiversity begins at home. Towns and cities are rapidly becoming where most people will experience nature and over 80% of the UK population live in urban areas, which is projected to rise to 92% by 2030 (Datastore). With businesses like Workman embracing sustainable practice, we can lead the discussion in this industry together, working to ensure the future of UK biodiversity. 

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We are incredibly proud to partner with the Natural History Museum at a time when biodiversity in the urban environment has never been more relevant and is fundamental to the wellbeing of people within our towns and cities.

Workman believes that biodiversity can and should form an integral part of the urban landscape, and therefore the Urban Nature Project is the perfect platform to achieve both our ambitions.


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David Workman

Senior Partner, Workman LLP

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