Practical activity: Sampling techniques

This resource details a range of activities that students can use to explore nature in their local outdoor spaces.

Activites include: pitfall traps, footprint tunnel, light trapping, camera traps, soil inverterbrate survey, sweeping, beating, pond dipping, kick sampling, microhabitat searches.

  • Key Stage: KS2, KS3
  • Time required: varies with activity

About this resource

  • Resource type: outdoor practical activity
  • Theme: Tools for outdoor enquiry
  • Curriculum links

Materials required

  • outdoor spaces
  • Fieldworks cards
  • different activies require:
    • printed Google satellite map
    • hula hoop or wire frame quadrat
    • tape measure
    • vinegar
    • scoops
    • water
    • hand washing facilities
    • optional: OS map or smartphone
    • optional: compass (most smartphones have one built in)
    • optional: camera

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