Practical activity: Explorer cards - ecology

In this activity, students take on a range of roles to explore their local outdoor space. They share their findings with the rest of the class to build up a picture of the area.

Explorer Cards can be used in any outdoor space, including a playground or sports field, but slightly wilder areas in the school grounds or beyond will be most valuable.

  • Key Stage: KS2, KS3
  • Time required: Activity - 10-20 minutes per card; class discussion - 15 minutes

About this resource

  • Resource type: outdoor practical activity
  • Theme: Tools for outdoor enquiry
  • Curriculum links

Materials required

  • outdoor spaces
  • Explorer cards
  • pens or pencils
  • Some cards require additional equipment, such as:
    • maps
    • measuring tapes
    • hula hoops
    • soil scoops
    • a camera

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