Practical activity: Particulate matter testing

In this practical activity, students measure and monitor particulate matter at various sites around their school. They are introduced to the idea of air pollution and particulate matter, create monitors and analyse the results.

  • Key Stage: KS3
  • Time required: One lesson to make and install monitors; one lesson to analyse results after one week

About this resource

  • Resource type: practical activity
  • Theme: Pollution

Learning outcomes

  • carry out sampling techniques to measure particulate matter
  • present observations and data using appropriate methods, including tables and graphs
  • interpret observations and data, including identifying patterns and using observations, measurements and data to draw conclusions
  • present reasoned explanations, including explaining data in relation to predictions and hypotheses
  • Curriculum links

Materials required

  • suitable sites to hang the monitors
  • card
  • scissors
  • sellotape
  • magnifying glasses or microscopes
  • hole punch
  • permanent markers
  • string

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