Rocks, fossils and dinosaurs

Classroom resources

Soil experiment: Summon the worms!

In this practical activity, your class will examine the importance of earthworms in breaking down organic matter to produce soil which helps plants to grow.

Practical observation: What's in soil?

In this practical activity, your class will get up close and see what they can find inside different soils, using samples from your own area.

The secrets of rocks

Working in groups, children will learn how rocks and fossils are formed and how they are laid down in different strata. They will also learn the chronology of some prehistoric life forms. PDF (4.7MB)

Useful articles

Craft activities and quizzes

The Dino Directory

Discover facts, figures and images for more than 300 dinosaurs.

In the Museum

Workshops and shows

Dino Dig Workshop

Become palaeontologists and dig for fossils in this hands-on workshop. You might even uncover a dinosaur skull!

For ages 7-11 (KS2)

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Fossils from Britain

Trace our fossil record through mud, silt, sand and time. See preserved shark teeth and spot the fossil fakes in the Fossils from Britain gallery.

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Earth's Treasury

Discover minerals, gemstones and rocks in the Earth's Treasury gallery.

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Restless Surface

How has wind, water and other weather shaped the Earth? And how long has it taken? Find out in the Restless Surface gallery.

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